Sediment core from Atchison County Lake, showing banding in sediment layers.
Hydraulic dredge used on Mission Lake in Brown County, KS.
A sediment delta of over 150 acres in the upper end of Perry Lake.
Sediment coring on Wilson Reservoir, August 2008.
Bathymetric mapping on Council Grove City Lake, 2008.
Corn roots buried in decades-old sediment at the bottom of Cheney Reservoir
Siltation and loss of reservoir storage in Perry Reservoir, 1974-2001

The Applied Science and Technology Reservoir Assessment (ASTRA) Initiative at the Kansas Biological Survey (KBS) was created in 2006 in response to the need for critical information concerning the status and conditions of Kansas reservoirs. KBS has extensive experience in reservoir, stream, and water quality assessment, remote sensing and geospatial technologies. Our expanding reservoir information database will provide state and local officials with the facts needed to make informed decisions about the safety, supply, and reliability of our valuable water resources.